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Orange County Grape Burst 2ml CBD Disposable

Orange County Grape Burst 2ml CBD Disposable

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Product Ingredients:

  •     Contents : 2ml
  •     500MG CBD
  •     Disposable Vape
  •     Flavour : Grape Burst

This one gets its inspiration from Grandaddy Purple, for a sweet, fruity and funky taste profile without any psychoactive effects.

They say the best things come in pairs. Fish and chips. Ant and Dec. Socks. Grape Burst is packed with both CBD and CBG, which work together for more effectiveness than using them solo.

This coupling up is the next big thing in the world of cannabinoids. The Grape Burst CBD/CBG Disposable Vape comes pre-filled with 3ml of our famous e-liquid. No need to charge - just pop it in your pocket and go.

With enough juice for 900 purply puffs.

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