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Strawberry Kush CBD Trim (Small buds/Dust)

Strawberry Kush CBD Trim (Small buds/Dust)

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*This is trim/small buds, if you are looking for full sized buds click here*

Introducing the Strawberry Kush Strain - Crossing the notoriously tasty Strawberry Cough with the old school favourite OG Kush, you are left with a mouth-watering Indica Sativa dominant hybrid that does every bit of justice to its name. The Strawberry CBD flower buds are tightly formed giving off a sweet berry-like aroma, with a flavour profile similar to but distinct from a berry pie strain.

Much like any strawberry Kush hybrid strain, you know you’re going to experience a burst of sweetness and then a finish of sharpness. This strawberry strain is extremely popular. Especially with those undergoing chemotherapy. It has the calming, sleep-enhancing effects of the Indica cannabis strain. You know that any strawberry weed strain that has been crossed with a marijuana Kush strain, will have a very strong and distinctive terpene profile. As both a CBD strain and a popular strain of marijuana, this aromatic bud promises relaxation.


  • 100% natural
  • Hermetically sealed, high-quality resealable foil bags
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fortune Flavours exclusive Strawberry Kush
  • Swiss cultivated
  • 28% CBD
  • 0.11% (within < EU's government’s legal 0.2 requirement)
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • EU legal industrial hemp
  • Sold for novelty/education/souvenir purposes only
  • Not intended to heat or consume
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