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2ML HHCP Vape - 2ML HHCP Vape CBDGroup

2ML HHCP Vape - 2ML HHCP Vape CBDGroup

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Embark on an extraordinary HHCP vaping adventure with CBD Group's 2ml HHCP Vape, exclusively curated for HiddenCBD, your premier destination for unparalleled quality in Ireland!

Discover the Pinnacle of HHC-P Potency: Unleash the unprecedented strength of HHCP, up to 20 times more potent than HHC, with our 2ml Premium CCELL Vape meticulously designed for thick oils to prevent clogging and ensure a seamless vaping experience. Each cartridge combines the extraordinary potency of HHCP with the convenience of draw activation, offering you a powerful and hassle-free journey.

Indulge in a Symphony of Enhanced Flavours:

Green Apple: Savor the amplified crispness of Green Apple, a tantalizing flavour that combines the essence of fresh, juicy apples with the distinctive effects of HHCP. Each inhale is an intensified symphony of fruity delight, delivering a truly invigorating and powerful vaping experience.

Cherry Cola: Elevate your senses with the heightened experience of Cherry Cola, a flavour that fuses the bold sweetness of cherries with the effervescence of cola, further intensified by the potent effects of HHCP. Immerse yourself in a unique and potent vaping encounter that combines classic taste with amplified relaxation.

Banana Runtz: Indulge in the delightful fusion of amplified flavour with Banana Runtz, capturing the essence of ripe bananas and the sweetness of Runtz candy, further enriched by the intensified influence of 20x stronger HHCP. Each puff is an amplified burst of tropical goodness, promising an enjoyable and harmonious vaping experience.

Gelato: Experience the amplified richness of Gelato, a flavour that combines creamy indulgence with the tranquil effects of 20x stronger HHC-P. Immerse yourself in the sweet and satisfying notes of this Italian-inspired treat, creating a vaping journey that's both luxurious and intensely relaxing.

Unveil the Perfect Harmony with Enhanced Potency: Explore the world of elevated HHC-P vaping with CBD Group's  2ml Premium CCELL


 Vape. Whether you prefer the amplified crisp allure of Green Apple, the intensified joy of Cherry Cola, the potent delight of Banana Runtz, or the amplified experience of Gelato, there's a flavour waiting to elevate your HHC-P vaping journey. Enjoy the perfect harmony of enhanced taste and relaxation with every draw.

Ingredients - 10% HHCP, 90% HHC, Terpenes/Flavourings

This is a collectors item. Intended for industrial, technical and horticultural purposes. NOT INTENDED FOR DIRECT CONSUMPTION. The product is subject to natural weight loss. No sale to under 18s. Keep out of reach of children.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The product works as advertised but the feeling hangs around a long time (a day or 2) and it can feel more anxious than enjoyable. 4 stars because the service was good but as for the product, this stuff is too much.


Great, smooth and not clogging

Maks Wiktor

it was really nice and smooth, good flavour and very strong. Good high too. shipping was fast i like it a lot. would reccomend. 9/10

2ml HHC-P vape, very impressive nice and relaxing

Works really well helps me relax in the evening and helps me get to sleep